Top Famous swords in Video Games

Top Famous swords in Video Games


In many video games, swords are the most common weapon. It’s exciting and dangerous to get close to enemies and defeat them. Swords are popular in high fantasy, sci-fi, and other settings, making them a favorite choice for heroes and villains when facing threats.

The Buster Sword:

The Buster Sword

The Buster Sword is Cloud Strife’s famous weapon from Final Fantasy VII.  Buster Sword is a famous symbol for Cloud and Final Fantasy VII because it’s so big. Cloud uses this sword in most of his appearances. It’s big and has a unique look, making it a symbol of the game that fans easily recognize. The sword also appears in other games like Super Smash Bros. and Kingdom Hearts. In these games, Cloud uses the sword, and even Kirby can use it in Super Smash Bros., showing how popular and important the Buster Sword is in gaming.

Masamune: Various Games swords

Various Games swords

Masamune Okazaki, a renowned and legendary blacksmith from Japan, lends his name to the Masamune sword. People believed his swords embodied peace and calm. Conversely, Muramasa, his rival, was associated with restlessness and destruction in his blades. Despite never meeting and living in different eras, Masamune’s swords are universally regarded as superior to Muramasa’s.

Soul Edge – Soul Calibur:

Soul Edge – Soul Calibur

Soul Edge is the main villain in the Soul series. It’s a cursed, demonic sword with a wicked soul called Inferno. The sword drives its wielder insane and devours their soul. It changes shape based on its owner and has an eye. Those who touch it or its shards become cursed, often turning into monsters controlled by its evil power.

Master Sword: The Legend of Zelda

Master Sword The Legend Of Zelda

The Master Sword was first made by the Goddess Hylia as the Goddess Sword and later became the Master Sword through the hero and its spirit, Fi, who bathed it in Sacred Flames. This gave it the Power to Repel Evil, enhanced by Zelda’s blessing. It often chooses a worthy hero to wield it, usually someone who has proven their courage, wisdom, and power. The Master Sword’s design has changed over time, with a notable purple or blue grip and guard, and a yellow gem in its cross guard indicating its power level.

Sword of Light (Dragon Quest XI)


In Dragon Quest XI, the legendary Sword of Light is originally wielded by the hero Erdwin. It is kept in the Heart of Yggdrasil for the Luminary to find. Mordegon corrupts it into the Sword of Shadows. The Luminary and his friends remake the Sword of Light by gathering Rarefied orichalcum, the Forging Hammer, and using the Crucible. This new sword helps defeat Mordegon and has a unique design with +109 attack and +50 charm. It also deals lightning damage and can cure allies in battle.

Moonlight Greatsword + Variations – From Software:

Moonlight Greatsword + Variations – From Software

In Dark Souls III, the Moonlight Greatsword deals both physical and magic damage and has some strength scaling, but it’s best to focus on leveling Intelligence. The physical scaling isn’t very effective, so just meet the minimum strength requirements. The sword excels in critical hits, combining both damage types to break through defenses. It shares a moveset with the Greatsword of Judgment, using horizontal and vertical slashes, and has a long reach. Its special skill, Moonlight Vortex, charges the sword for a powerful thrust. Wearing heavy armor helps maximize its effectiveness by utilizing Poise.

Excalibur: Various Games

Excalibur Various Games

Excalibur, King Arthur’s famous sword, appears in many video games. It’s often depicted as one of the strongest weapons. In Final Fantasy games, main characters usually wield it after completing challenging side quests.Using Excalibur gives the character lots of advantages, like extra strength and special abilities, making it a prized weapon in the game.

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