The Real Powers of Wonder Woman’s sword

Wonder woman, no doubt, is one of the most powerful characters DC has to offer. Although she is just second to Superman in power and abilities. But one cannot deny her alluring beauty packed in a bombshell of godly power! The origin of the character was done by WILLIAM MOULTON MARSTON, an innovative creator and psychologist. She has a set of abilities and powers which put her as one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe!  Of course, NOT denying the fact that her clothes are the most famous and teenagers are found to like it very much

Now, following the release of the #wonder woman movie(2017), besides the fact that the movie was a hit and its fans were overwhelmed, there were some questions that still needed answering.  A very demanding question was that,

What are the actual powers of the wonder woman’s sword, The God Killer?

 And is it true that the god killer has the ability to kill superman? If not killing, can it at least hurt him?!!

Following are the actual powers of the GOD KILLER which are astounding as one gets to know its capabilities!

  • Splitting Atoms:
  • The Creator of Godly FIREARMS:
  • Superman WOUNDED?!
  • Nuclear Explosion!
  • The New GOD KILLER?!
  • Important NOTE:

1:Splitting Atoms:

I think probably the most powerful and the most jaw-dropping asset that this sword has is that it can split the very atoms from a particle. Although wonder woman is a demigod,(DAUGHTER OF ZEUS AND HIPPOLYTA) and she has some limited abilities, which even include the fact that she cannot actually see the atoms splitting from the particles of matter, but the creator of the character William Moulton Marston has confirmed that the sword can actually split the atoms from the particles, even though Wonder Woman’s eyes are not able to see it. This was the very power that helped wonder woman and superman to get themselves free from the evil clutches of ZOD and FAORA! it would be later elaborated in the next topic! 

I mean, if I had that power, I would be the KING OF THE WORLD or something!

2:The Creator of Godly FIREARMS:

Given her status as the daughter of the almighty god Zeus, in Greek mythology, it would only be logical to think that her weapons would be as appealing and powerful as her alluring status among the gods. So, Zeus foresaw it, and according to the comics, Hephaestus (God of fire), the creator of all the godly weapons, on the request of Zeus, created #The God Killer. Almost among all the weapons that were forged by him, this was ranked as one of his BEST!

I would love to get myself a weapon forged by this guy!

3:Superman WOUNDED?!!

Wanna hurt Superman?! not an easy task, even the strongest of villains have tried and failed. It seems that his only weakness is kryptonite. But as we look upon the abilities of this sword, we come to know that even Superman is vulnerable to it! 

It is so because it can split atoms and even if superman is not hurt by any physical attack, it has the power to kill superman, given that even superman is made up of flesh and bones just like any other living matter! It is even mentioned in the comics that while trying to overpower ZOD and FAORA, during the crossfire, the god killer pierced superman! 

So, there is no doubt that SUPERMAN IS TOUGH! but when it comes against wonder woman, i would not be too sure about the winner!

4:Nuclear Explosion:

As Superman and wonder woman lost to ZOD and FAORA, both of them were captured and kept in a specially designed cell, where they most likely would be killed. But, Combining the ability HAPHEASTUS gave to the sword, and the ultimate vision of the superman, they were able to split a uranium atom in the reactor, which caused an explosion! and thanks to the god killer, they got free.

we all can probably imagine what could have happened to ZOD and FAORA after this!!!!


The god killer was destroyed in the Wonder woman 2017 movie by her brother, ARES, the GOD OF WAR! But in the next appearance of wonder woman in the justice league movie, Diana is seen having another GOD KILLER! and DC has confirmed that although its origin is still to be unveiled, It is far more powerful than its previous version!

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