The Corrupting Descent of Saruman:Unveiling the Path to Darknes

The Corrupting Descent of Saruman: Unveiling the Path to Darkness

Saruman’s Origins and Connection to Aulë:

Saruman’s journey towards darkness can be traced back to his origins as a Maia under the Valar Aulë, the Dwarf god and Smith of the Valar. Known as Curumo or Tarindor in those ancient times, Saruman, along with another Maia, Sauron, served under Aulë’s tutelage. Both were skilled craftsmen, adept at shaping and creating. However, their association with creation, coupled with an inherent inability to create life, sowed the seeds of discontent that would later lead to their downfall.

Volunteering for Middle-earth’s Mission:

Volunteering for Middle-earth's Mission Saruman's

When the Valar recognized the looming threat of Sauron in Middle-earth, they assembled the Istari, a team of Maiar tasked with countering his influence. Saruman eagerly volunteered for this mission, seeking to assert his prowess and fulfill his role as a servant of the Valar. However, his ambition was tinged with jealousy, particularly towards Gandalf, who was chosen as the Grey wizard alongside him. Gandalf’s initial reluctance to join the mission only exacerbated Saruman’s feelings of superiority and entitlement.

Jealousy and Desire for Power:

Jealousy and Desire for Power

As the years passed, Saruman’s jealousy towards Gandalf grew.  Especially when Gandalf was bestowed one of the Three Elven Rings of Power, Narya. Saruman, with his own mastery of craftsmanship, became consumed by a desire for supremacy and recognition. This desire extended to coveting a Ring of Power for himself, leading him to experiment with creating his own ring. However, his efforts fell short of the potency of Sauron’s rings, fueling his envy and resentment further.

The Quest for the One Ring:

Saruman’s descent into darkness reached its culmination when he learned of the existence of the One Ring. Seeing it as the key to ultimate power and domination, he abandoned his allegiance to the White Council and allied himself with Sauron. Believing that he could retrieve the Ring and overthrow Sauron, Saruman’s arrogance blinded him to the risks and consequences of his actions. He envisioned himself as surpassing even the Valar in power and influence, but his aspirations ultimately led to his downfall.

What Is Saruman Really About?

Despite being a part of the main storyline of “Lord of the Rings”, the fate of Saruman is also a story within a story. It is a cautionary tale that depicts the dangers of unrestrained ambition and the seductive allure of power conveying an important message that even the brightest of all can be corrupted.

The Feeling of Indignation and Envy of Gandalf:

The Feeling of Indignation and Envy of Gandalf:

Saruman resented the popularity and trust bestowed upon Gandalf by others, fueling his growing jealousy and driving him to seek validation through dark means. He was stronger and more powerful which made him believe he deserved to be more respected.

Isolation and Pride:

Not everyone can cope with loneliness. Saruman’s isolation at Isengard, distanced from the world and its struggles, led to a sense of superiority. He started to believe that he alone held the true knowledge and power to bring order to Middle Earth.

Influence of Sauron:

Saruman’s contact with Sauron, the Dark Lord, swayed his allegiance. And filling his mind with deceit and manipulation and ultimately eroding his principles.

Industrialization Gone Wrong:

Saruman’s industrialization of Isengard, focusing on mass production and deforestation, symbolized his detachment from the natural order, pushing him further towards darkness.

Loss of Hope:

Seeing the courage and determination of the good forces, which were in some situations capable of standing up to the overwhelming forces of evil, Saruman’s resolve lessened, and he determined that in order to achieve his personal victory, he had to align himself with the side of darkness.


In conclusion, it is possible to state that jealousy for Gandalf. The desire for power becoming the leader of the new order.   And the desire for the Ring became the primary factors that led Saruman to the side of darkness. Regardless of the fact that he used to be a Maia who was favored by Aulë and had all the potential to grow into a powerful wizard and leader of the White Council, Saruman acts as an example of a wrathful and envious person who is willingly lead to the dark side by Sauron.

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