Sting Sword from LOTR

History of Sting Sword from Lord of the Rings

Sting Sword from Lord of the Rings

The Sting Sword from Lord of the Rings is the legendary sword of Bilbo Baggins from the hobbit series. Bilbo is the main character who help Thorin Oakenshield and his group to conquer the land of lonely mountains and to get back their precious treasures from the evil dragon. With the help of a Sting Sword, Bilbo saved much time on their way of conquering the lonely mountains.

The sting sword also plays an essential role in another series, the lord of rings. It is known as the Lord of the Rings sword string. As for the blade is forged by the high elves called Gondolin.

The Appearance of Sting Sword

Despite beginning to forge an elves dragger string sword is a perfect short sword for the series the hobbit. The owner, Bilbo does not face any problem in carrying on his way. As we know the blade forged by the Elvish smith of the past. So the blade has the power to light up the blue color at its edges when it comes in contact with orcs or any other evil sprites.

You can further read the story of Gandalf Hobbit Glamdring Sword.

Power of Sting Sword Replica from LOTR

Sting Sword Replica from LOTR is a perfect short sword. Glamdring has the power to defeat the orcs. Like the orcrist sword, its also lost during the fall of Gondolin, and no one knows what happens next. After the third age, the Bilbo Baggins finds the Sting Sword along with the Glamdring when he was on the way to conquer the lonely mountain.

String Sword Product Details:

The sword is like a dragger by the elves, but later on, Bilbo finds it and it becomes the most suitable sword for him. The length of the sword is about 29 inches with a double edge blade. The guard of the blade is forged with the most beautiful engraving that makes it more attractive for the viewer.

The hilt has a pattern that enhances the beauty of the blade. The sheath of the sword is made from pure leather with its original color. At the start and end, there are metal pieces with having the same engraving as the blade. Sting Sword Replica from Lord of the Rings is one of the iconic items in both series. Fans from all over the world love to have one of them.

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