Story of Sting Sword with Gold Plated Edition

Sting Sword with Gold Plated Edition

The Sting Sword with Gold Plated Fittings stands out as the most beautiful sword in both “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” series. Forged by elven blacksmiths of old, it possesses the power to slay orcs and other evil beings of the Dark Lord. In “The Hobbit,” Bilbo carries Sting on his quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain and the stolen treasure of the dwarves. Accompanied by a wizard and a group of twelve dwarves, led by King Thorin Oakenshield, they are determined to reclaim what was taken from them. Ultimately, Bilbo achieves his goal, but at the cost of his life, becoming a symbol of pride for his people and his group.

Sting Sword with Gold Plated Fittings History

One of the greatest elven smiths, Gondolin, forged the Sting Sword with Gold Plated Fittings in ancient times. Unlike other great swords, this blade has the power to defeat orcs. Perfect for battles due to its weight and length, it served as an excellent short sword for Bilbo. Lost in the fallen of elves, it was rediscovered by Bilbo and his group, alongside Orcrist, another mighty sword of the past. Sting has the extraordinary ability to glow blue when in contact with orcs, and it can cut through webs created by the evil spider Shelob and kill the offspring of Ungoliant.

Sting Sword Description:

The description of a sting sword is like in between a dagger and a short sword. The sword has a double edge which has a petal-like guard at the start of the blade, and this petal-like guard has some engraving which further goes through the blade and shows the beauty of simplicity. The hilt of the string sword is of wooden, and this wooden hilt has gold engraving like of the module. The sheath of the blade is also wooden but like the hilt of the sword has golden engraving the scabbard also has golden engraving at the start and at the end of the sheath due to these engravings the blade looks a piece of art.

Sting Sword with Gold Plated Fittings stands out as one of the iconic items from “The Hobbit” novel and movie. The main character, Bilbo, carries this beautiful blade throughout the series. Throughout his way, the blade string helps him. To buy such a beautiful knife or you want to feel your favorite Bilbo fantasy from the movie visit our website swordskingdom as we produce the best replica swords from the film, games, and anime series on the most affordable price tag.