History of Thorin Orcrist Sword from Movie

Thorin Orcrist Sword

Orcrist Sword of Thorin

Orcrist Sword is one of the legendary swords from the hobbit and the lord of rings series. This sword belongs to the iconic character Thorin Oakenshield who plays a vital role in both series. This sword was wielded by Turgon during the battle, and after the fall the blade it gets lost. Dwarf’s King Thorin Oakenshield find it when he was on their way to conquer the lonely mountains.

History of Thorin Sword:

Movie Orcrist Sword forged by the elves smith of the past and the creator is Gondolin. The elves of Gondolin are best at forming the most potent and beautiful blades with their craftsmanship experience. The blade holds power to defeat the orcs and armies of the evil lord. The first wielder of the iconic Sword was Turgon. The orcs witnessed its power in the battle and named Orcrist as the Biter or goblin cleaver.

Unfortunately, It was lost for a long time, but in the third age, it discovered by a group of dwarfs while on the way to recover their stolen treasure. The sword founded by their leader Thorin Oakenshield in the cave of troll.  The orcrist help Thorin Oakenshield throughout this journey. After the discovery of this blade by the Thorin it remains in its passion and after the death of Thorin, the sword rests on the grave of Thorin Oakenshield.

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Description of Orcrist Sword from Movie:

The Orcrist blade is a legendary item of the past, that helps the elves against the battle of orcs. It was the last hope to kill the orcs and defeat the armies of the evil lord. The Orcrist is a single-edge prop which has the sharpness throughout the blade. The blade resembles the shape like of curve leaf which has a length of 39 inches in total.

The guard of the sword was a forge in the shape of the half-moon that goes on with the engraving on the blade. It has a wooden grip, which shows the age of the blade. At the end of the handle, there is a flower-like ending which further enhances the beauty of the blade.

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