Lord of the Rings’ Least-Known Words That Really Matter


Languages were always a great deal in The Lord of the Rings, so here is a assemblage of important terms that every LOTR fan should be aware with.

It’s pretty extraordinary how The Lord of the Rings is full with so many thought-out details. Of course, J.R.R.  Tolkien did not constantly have the whole thing planned, and he did not constantly have a solution for a few elaborate questions. For example, a naming botch led to Glorfindel being saved after his death. And there were many different origins for Orcs, which still motivates debates among LOTR fans. However, there was one thing that Tolkien kept ironed out, and that was the languages of Middle-earth.

There are a lot of different languages in LOTR: Quenya, Sindarin, Westron, Khuzdul and so many more. If unknown different, the sheer number of languages proves Tolkien’s guarantee to world-building, but it also shows that languages were main in Middle-earth. That’s one reason some fans hated The Rings of Power. The series mixed up two, very different Elvish languages. With that in mind, here are some keywords that every LOTR fan should be aware with.

Imladris Was Rivendell

Because of the many different languages, occasionally there were many names for one thing. Imladris was one of those words. It was the Sindarin name for Rivendell, where Elrond made his home during the LOTR trilogy. Exactly, Imladris meant “deep valley of the cleft,” which provided credence to its concealed position. Elrond actually originated it during 1697 SA (Second Age), right after Sauron decimated Eregion. After that, it developed an Elvish haven and was also famous as “The Last Homely House East of the Sea.”

Peredhel was another Sindarin word. It explained to half (per-) elven (-edhel), and it means accurately that. The word was used to describe Elves that were the offspring of a human and an Elf. It was not a public occurrence for Men and Elves to have relations, and the invention of those unions were sometimes believed less of and treated with disrespect, like Elrond on The Rings of Power.