Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow

Longclaw Sword jon snow
Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow

Longclaw Sword is wielded by the protagonist of Game of Thrones series The Jon Snow. It is an ancestral sword of House Mormont made up of a special kind of material, Valyrian steel. This sword called the Bastard sword. It is the most famous sword of Game of Thrones because of a number of reasons described below:

  • Longclaw Sword is made up of Valyrian steel, which has great importance.
  • Jon Snow wields it.
  • Elegant design with a pommel on the sword.
  • Jeor was its owner, the lord commander of Night’s watch.
  • Have a history of five centuries that the sword was heir to the next generation.

Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow Appearance:

Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow forged by the Valyrians(the natives of Valyria) by special techniques using Valyrian steel. It was much expensive, and the method to make these swords was not revealed. Then with the Doom of Valyria, some swords left were held by the houses, and a line of heir starts. The Longclaw was given to Jorah Mormont by Jeor Mormont. But the Jorah sent this sword back to his father. Then Jeor reforged its design by changing the pommel design from a bear to the wolf. Its handle was cover with black leather-like material with a silver wolf face pommel. And it was rewarding to Jon Snow as he saved Jeor’s life from a wight.

Amazing Features of Longclaw:

Weapon to Kill White Walkers:

Longclaw is one of the sources to kill white walkers. Dragonglass or Longclaw can only kill white walkers. It makes this weapon more unique as no other weapon can do so. Jon Snow uses Longclaw to kill white walkers.

Jon Snow Fight Scene

Less in Weight:

With its huge size, it is less in weight, which makes it more interesting. The unique king of Valyrian steel has different properties from ordinary steel. It helps the wielder to swing it with ease and can hold it for long.


Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow is a fantastic sword that never lost its shine and sharpness. It keeps its original form for years and years. The Valerian material used to make it is incredibly strong, and that is why it is much more durable than the other swords. And that is the reason for its much higher price.

Symbol of Respect:

The Longclaw is a unique and special sword, so its wielder got respect in the community. The Jon Snow in Game of Thrones got this amazing Longclaw from the lord commander. And after getting this, he soon becomes the lord commander and gets much respect in his house.