Legend of Zelda Swords and Shields

Legend of Zelda sword and shield
Legend of Zelda Swords

The legend of Zelda is a famous video game series. It is an action-adventure game published by Nintendo. The game has been released on multiple gaming platforms over 3 years, and it has 19 installments, which are the main reason for its fame. The elements of action, adventure, and puzzle-solving techniques are the essences of the game.

The plot of the game series revolves around the main protagonist of the game that is Link. Link is considered to be the hero of the series, due to having a different type of incarnation throughout the series. But the Link does not speak and not even a mute. He often had the task to save Princess Zelda of the Hyrule Kingdom, who is the guardian of the Triforce of wisdom. There are so many warfare items used in this series, out of which some are given below:

  • Link Master Sword
  • Link Hylian Shield

Legend of Zelda Link Master Sword:

Legend of Zelda

The Master sword is famous among the fans of the legend of Zelda series. It got its name due to affiliation with the main protagonist of the series that is Link Master. And this master sword is considered to be the primary warfare item of the series. The Goddess Hylia first crafted the master sword. But the powers of the master sword came after getting the blessings of Zelda, and then it turned into a true master sword. The sword considered to be the only warfare item that can defeat Ganon.

Legend of Zelda Link Hylian Shield:

Hylian Shield

The defensive item is as essential in the combat as an attacking item. You have to survive opponents’ attacks to remain in battle and make a strong counter-attack. The shield used in this famous game series is used for defense by Link. But there are some situations where this shield is used not only for defensive purposes but also for attacking purposes. As it is associated with the main protagonist of the series, so it’s become the primary defensive tool of the series. Hylian Shield is interlinked with the Hyrule Shield Knights that fought with the Ganon several years back. On the other hand, they also served as the Strongest Watchmen of Royal Gang.