Hobbit Glamdring Sword

Story of Hobbit Gandalf Glamdring Sword

Hobbit Glamdring Sword of Gandalf the Grey

Hobbit Glamdring Sword is one of the legendary swords from The Hobbit series. In the series, a twelve-member of dwarves set on a journey to take back there lost treasure from the mighty dragon. He reclaims the land of lonely mountains for their betterment. King Thorin Oakenshield lead the group of twelve people who determined to achieve an impossible mission with just a handful of his workforce.

The Gandalf the Grey was an istar which means wizard as he sees the determination of dwarves. He joins the group and helps them in achieving their goal as he also wanted to free the lonely mountains from the evil dragon. Gandalf plays the most critical role, which is to give advice and the strategy on how to deal with the threat. The ring he wears name as Narya the power. The ring has firebase and holds a great deal of energy that avoids front end fighting.

Gandalf the Grey True Motivation:

The real reason for Gandalf is to counter the dark lord. Dark Lord is an immortal who can be killed by anyone on the earth. To avoid that he start to gaining knowledge and do a lot of traveling to find the best way of countering the dark lord Sauron. On the way, he finds one the most potent and most elegant sword of that time named Glamdring. This sword has magical powers, so when this sword is battle-ready Gandalf will be unstoppable.

Description of Hobbit Glamdring Sword:

Elven black-smith of the past forged the Hobbit Glamdring Sword of Gandalf. Glamdring Orcrist is also known as the sting sword. Both swords have unique designs and powers. The first wilder of Glamdring Sword is Turgon, and later this sword lost about 6000 years. It discovered by the greatest wizard Gandalf the Grey in the troll cave. With the help of this sword Gandalf the Grey kills the great goblin in goblin town. He uses Glamdring Sword from onward in all his battles.

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Appearance of Glamdring Sword:

The appearance of Hobbit Glamdring Sword of Gandalf is unique, and the blade is straight with a double edge. The real name of Glamdring Sword is Beater that given by the orcs due to witness of its power. The guard of the blade is in curve shape and the hilt of the sword wrapped in blue cloth that genuinely enhances the beauty of the edge.

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