5 Facts: Buster Sword is better than the Gunblade. 

Buster Sword and the Gunblades are 2 most popular warfare items that appeared in the Final Fantasy Franchise. Both of them are of different nature regarding size, shape, material and other things. Due to these factors, there is always a long debate which warfare item is superior over the other?

Today in this content, we are going to present 5 facts that will emphasize on the superiority of buster sword over the gunblades. So, if you are also a final fantasy fan and want to know all facts, then don’t miss out a single line. 

  • Buster Sword is very straightforward to use
  • A Rich History of Buster Sword
  • The big effing Buster Sword
  • Referred as a giant kitchen knife
  • Evolvement of Buster Sword into Fusion Sword

Buster Sword is very straightforward to use:

Buster sword in the Final Fantasy Franchise is the primary warfare item of Cloud Strife. The massive size and heavy weight of Buster Sword can easily cut down the enemy’s head with a single blow. It is also a lethal item that Cloud uses for his defense. The massive size can easily resist all enemy attacks like a shield. That is also a reason that Cloud doesn’t need a separate shield for his defense. 

The simple design of Cloud Buster Sword makes it convenient for Cloud to use in all combat situations. He is also able to show different moves and techniques with his warfare item. In the real world, it is very difficult to uphold a buster sword and use it with ease. Thanks to the FF Franchise for making Cloud Strife a strong boy to uplift his heavyweight sword easily. Unlike the Buster Sword, the gunblades are very light-weighted. 

A Rich History of Buster Sword:

You might have heard or read that in FF7, Cloud purchased Buster Sword from the store. But it is not true. Neither did he own it. It was his friend Zack who gave him his sword because of too many hopes. 

On the other hand, Zack was the one who received Buster from Angeal Hewley. Angeal was his mentor in the training of soldier days. Angeal Hewley’s father was the real owner of Buster Sword. He also claimed that his father himself forged the sword and they had to borrow money for making such a long and heavy weight warfare item. 

So, the huge Buster Sword carries a rich history of Angeal’s father. After that, Angeal used him. He passed it to his student Zack and from Zack it went into the hands of Cloud Strife. So you can say that a lot of memories are associated with the Cloud Strife Buster Sword. 

The big effing Buster Sword:

When it comes to the massive and heavy weight warfare items, then it won’t be wrong to say that Buster Sword laid the foundation. Although there are many other franchises that used huge swords like Soul Calibur; but no one gained attention like the Buster. It was simple, elegant and a deadly weapon that Cloud used to knock down his enemies in a single blow. It was used for attack as well as for defense. Due to these things, it gained popularity all over the world.

Referred as a giant kitchen knife:

Tetsuya Nomura, the maker of huge Buster Sword, referred to it as a big kitchen knife in the early development stage of Final Fantasy 7. He called him because of the “unrefined steel” in the manufacturing. You might be shocked to know that the earlier version (not finaled) of Buster Sword was longer than the one that appeared in ff7. If that appeared in f7, then Cloud might have some difficulties to use it due to its overweight and oversize. The only similar thing in all iterations of Buster Sword were the holes for Materia Slots. 

Evolvement of Buster Sword into Fusion Sword:

In the Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, Cloud finally got rid of the Buster Sword. He left it on the same cliff where his friend Zack had died while coming back to Aerith. Cloud replaced it with a new big and elegant looking warfare item, Fusion Sword. They were considered and presented as the evolution of the Buster sword in the Advent Children. The best thing about the Fusion Sword was that it can split into six swords. Each of the six pieces can be used as deadly items in the battlefield. 

On the other hand, the Fusion Sword allowed the Cloud Strife to perform all of his Limit breaks. He fought with numerous enemies; but the most powerful and widely remembered attack was with Omnislash. He used all six blades of Fusion Sword to knock down Omnislash instead of multiple times attacks. 


These are the 5 facts of huge Buster Sword that makes it a better warfare item than the Gunblades in Final Fantasy Franchise. If you want to know more interesting points from the FF, then do subscribe to our newsletter and share this article with your friends. Moreover, if you are willing to purchase a huge buster sword replica in high quality material from the internet, then no other website can beat the competitive prices of swordskingdom.co.uk. In my opinion, they are currently the best swords selling website around the globe. 

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