A Brief Note on Robb Stark Sword

Who Is Robb Stark?

The worldly recognized season called Game of Thrones is known by every single person. It is documented as the most trending series since the first season came out in 2011. It has an extensive cast with a diversity of characters. The show is based on a different set of principles and outcomes and how Robb Stark’s sword plays an important role. Nine respectable families take up arms against one another to deal with the legendary place known as Westeros. You know power is ascending after millenniums and compromises the presence of living men. One of the most renowned and highlighted families in the show is the Stark family.

Robb Stark is the eldest of the starks. He was born in the household to Eddard Stark and Catelyn Tully and was the heir of the family. Robb’s appearance favors his Tully side, with a stocky form, blue eyes, and thick red-dark colored hair. He is dependable and quick. He opens the arrangement as a kid of fourteen years.

Robb wears a coat over his protective layer and conveys an oak shield beautified with a dire wolf’s head. Robb was born with a sharp feeling of equity. He shares his dad’s commitment to respect and is much of the time joined by his dire wolf, Gray Wind.

Why Is His Robb Stark’s Sword of Great Importance?

Replica Robb stark sword was known as Ice and was the heirloom to the Stark family. Robb’s stark sword was famous too.

Robb stark’s sword made by Valyrian steel that forges by blacksmiths to kill a white walker. It uses in war and on ceremonial occasions by the Lord of Winterfell. Ice had owned House Stark for generations and keep in a special casing crafted from the pelt of a wolf.

Ice’s service to House Stark ended when she was dishonorable uses by Ilyn Payne to behead Lord Eddard Stark, the last Stark to wield it, for supposed treason on the orders of King Joffrey Baratheon. After that, the blade kept as a trophy for a brief time before Tywin Lannister had it melted down and reforged for House Lannister. The two stark swords name were Widow’s Wail and Oathkeeper; while the former remains with House Lannister, the latter has returned to House Stark’s service as the weapon of Brienne of Tarth.

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