A brief Note on Angel Sanctuary Sword

What is Angel Sanctuary?

Angel Sanctuary is a magna series beginning in japan written by a Japanese writer Kaori Yuki. It was published in the magazine named Hana to Yume during the period of 1994 to 2000. This story focuses on Setsuna Mudo, a human teenager actually a high school student of 16 years. Sara was his sister and he had a great love for her. An Angel Alexiel (who rebelled against heaven) was captured and imbued, punished by having her body frozen.


A Japanese fantasy novel named Nocturne was the inspiration of the Angel Sanctuary. And it was originally catalogue to be only ten chapters which made him worry about the proper end of the story. This story was also adapted in the series of dramas and CD’s comprising a number of fantastic episodes.


According to the artist of this series the core concept of the Angel Sanctuary was stayed with her for a longer period of time. After reading the Nocturne she was inspired to write something on the topic like angels and demons. As she was already working on the marvelous serial Earl Cain, it made it difficult for her to convince others to let her start another serial.

Main Theme:

The main theme of this story Angel Sanctuary was ‘’ forbidden love’’. The concern of the series is with the concept of good and bad, human nature, unconditioned love and the interpersonal struggle for the acceptance of love.

Angel Sanctuary Sword – Setsuna Modu:

Angel Sanctuary was a magna series in which a fantastic sword is used which is a seven blade sword known as Angel Sanctuary Sword. It was originally constructed by the crystal. This Sword is actually used by a troubled high school boy, Setsuna Modu.

  • Description

The Angel Sanctuary Replica Sword is portrayed in the magna series wielded by a school boy, Setsuna Modu. This Sword has seven side blades along the centrally large blade pointing in the downward direction. Originally it was constructed of diamonds and crystals.

  • Bizarre Style

The fame of this sword is due to its unique style Bizarre. And it was the first Sword of this style used in the drama series. Its long length and sharp edges is the main reason for its fear on the enemy during the war.

Why the Angel Sanctuary Sword is better than others?

The Angel Sanctuary sword is better than other sword because of many reasons like the other Sword is comprises of the single blade with the pointed end but this Sanctuary Sword consists of seven sharp blades with a strong handle.

During the war this sort of sword make more harm to the enemy than any other Sword.


The importance of this replica Angel Sanctuary Sword can be understood by a large number of fans. Its unique style is very much liked by the viewers. When this story is published in the novel along with the animated pictures it is very much appreciated by the fans. There are many people around the world who have a great collection of swords, among all of them the top ranked Sanctuary sword.