7 Superpowers of Captain America that fans don’t know. 

When it comes to the character of Captain America, then saying “he is handsome only” won’t do justice with his character. Have you ever thought about the things that make Captain America more awesome from other characters? Although he is not strong like Hulk and Iron Man, yet he is able to knock down his enemies with a single shield. 

Well, this is not the right case. He has got some exceptional arsenal of powers himself. Apart from being handsome, he has got some cool stuff to show. If you are not familiar with his superhero abilities, then this article is a must read for you. 

7: Hand to Hand and Martial Arts Skills:

Due to the serum circulating in the veins of Captain America, we all know that he is sturdy and strong enough to fight with his powerful enemies. He is one of the most skilled fighters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who fight with his sheer mind and has some defensive skills too. He always puts up a good fight with his enemies and tries to avoid being hit.

Captain America spent countless hours learning the arts of acrobatics, marine combat, judo, boxing, martial arts, muay thai and jiu jitsu. He did all the things with his 100% dedication for becoming strong enough. You can also see in the movies, that he can also fight very well without his shield and serum (in his veins). He can easily knock down his enemies without super powers. 

6: Captain America Cosplay Costume Abilities:

Being a die hard fan of Captain America, if you become worried whenever he runs against his enemies while explosions are going off and bullets are flying, then don’t worry now. Captain America has a special armor that is bulletproof as well as fire-resistant. His lightweight armor      also helps him to run fast. All these armor specialities are not well-known to his enemies. 

While for the protection of his face (face part not hidden), he has a shield too. This way, the designer of this Marvel Character has made Captain America fully protected. Due to such abilities, the demand of Captain America Cosplay Costume is very high. You can get it from SwordsKingdom.

There might be a question from your side. What will happen if he is fighting without his shield and gets a bullet where he doesn’t have protection? To get the answer to this question, you need to read the next power point. 

5: Super Power of Healing:

When it comes to the healing powers of Marvel characters, then the first two names that come to mind are Deadpool and Wolverine. But Captain America’s healing score is also not far from these two. In fact, he has the ability to bounce back immediately from serious wounds and injuries unlike any other characters. 

He can heal knife or bullet wounds within a few hours. Moreover, his broken bones are assembled in a day. He can walk freely even after a few days of neck injury or deadly poisons. One of the best things that makes Captain America’s character more interesting is his ability of not getting earthly diseases. He realized this immunity factor after getting Super Soldier Serum. Due to this, he can’t be killed with deadly poisons or earthly diseases like smallpox, HIV, anthrax etc.  

4: He can’t drink because of Metabolism:

The metabolism of Captain America keeps his body in a proper shape because of the regeneration process of Super Soldier Serum. This regeneration and metabolism factor makes him a badass hero of the movie industry. On the other hand, there is a disadvantage that Captain America faces at the parties. 

His body stops him from getting drunk. Yes, he has total immunity against the alcohol, so you will find him boring in the parties. You might be thinking that this is a disadvantage. But it is a special thing that his enemies don’t know. They can’t knock him down with the intoxications also. 

3: He can lift THOR’s Hammer:

Thor is one of the most powerful characters with big muscles and a heavyweight hammer in Marvel Series. Despite his muscle size, Captain America can easily lift the Thor’s hammer. Only Cap America is seen twice lifting Thor’s Hammer. In the first scene, he is seen while handling it back to Thor for a fight seen. In the second scene, he used Thor’s hammer along with shield to knock down Serpent. Therefore, be ready to see Thor’s hammer in Captain America’s hands in the upcoming MCU movies. 

2: Aging is not for Captain America:

The factor behind the suspended aging of Captain America is its Super Soldier Serum. He was frozen after World War II for 70 years. You might be thinking how a man can survive. Well, you might have guessed the reason behind this. Yes, it was also due to the Serum in his veins. His aging was halted after the serum injection. That’s why he looked younger and younger in every Marvel movie.

1: Enhanced Intelligence of Captain America:

If you are thinking that only the body of Captain America becomes stronger after getting Super Soldier Serum Injection, then you are wrong. His brain was also enhanced to such a large extent that he became the most intelligent person in Marvel Characters.

With his abilities, he can make life saving decisions and calculations within microseconds. He can also speak multiple languages and can play different defensive tactics at same time. Although, there are many Marvel Characters who can beat Captain America, but no one can beat him in intelligence. Despite that, his intelligence factor is the most underrated one in the Marvel Series. 

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