5 Deadliest Swords of all times.

What is a Sword?

The Sword is a mysterious and dangerous weapon. It has a brilliant historical background and has a crucial role in man’s life. The Sword is a sign of bravery which represents the power and enthusiasm of its wielder. It has a unique magical ability which it inculcates in his wielder.

In history, a lot of conquests have been made possible due to the Sword. It has a lot of fan following. As you know, the Kingdom Heart series is very much appreciated by the viewers. The games, which are based on Sword, are very much liked by the people.

Due to large interest of users, today in this content, we will discuss 5 Deadliest Swords in the World. 

Sword of Ojeda:

When we look upon the Assassins Creed, a name that has a lot of importance and a vital role in history is the Sword of Ojeda. Ojeda was a commander in chief of a well-trained army; the Sword he had is the Sword of Ojeda. 

This Sword is marvellous, heavily featured and fearsome with a threatening bearded head which fascinates its pommel head. This heavily featured Sword is so famous and also includes the deadliest swords of the kingdom heart series.

Due to this, Sword Ojeda conquered several wars and left a horrifying image on his foes.  

Angel Sanctuary Sword:

This Sword is used in the Magna series by a brave man named Setsuna Modu. This Sword has the unique property that it has seven blades. It is constructed of crystal and diamond. Another silent feature of this Sword is that it has seven blades and a centrally large blade of extended length, pointing downward.

One of its fantastic features, which made him deadly, is its bizarre style. It’s the only Sword of this type in history.

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Soul Eater Riku Sword:

Soul Eater Riku Sword is the deadliest Sword wielded by Riku in the kingdom heart series. This Sword has some silent features listed below.

  • Soul Eater Sword is more strong and powerful in the darkness and constructed of resilient material. 
  • This Sword is compatible with the user’s mind because of its marvellous design and multiple forms.

Just because of his tremendous fighting ability in the darkness, it was nominated as the Darkwave.

Honju Masamune sword:

Honju Masamune was a Japanese guy. His Sword is considered to be unmatched in quality and power in history. The unique quality of this Sword is constructed in a curve manner. This is the best Sword in the history of japan.

This Sword of unique design is so deadly that after world war 2nd it was banned by the United States. It’s great style and curved blades made it horrific for its foe.

Samurai Wakizashi Sword

Samurai wakizashi sword is the best Sword of Japanese history. It is the only Sword of this style that was traditionally made. The blade of this Sword is curved but single edged.

Moreover, it is used for close quarters, frightening to overwhelm his enemy completely. It is one of the short swords used in the Japanese history.


In above mentioned 5 deadliest swords, The Soul Eater Riku Sword is the most deadliest one because of its structure.