5 Best Movie Props of All Times

Everyone loves to watch movies in their free time for entertainment purposes. Some people like to watch romantic movies while some go with the option of action movies. Currently, the trend of action movies is more. People love to watch those movies that have some unique props. The prop may be a gun, sword, spinning top. Hoverboard or any other thing. In this article, you are going to read the review of the 5 best movie props of all time. So, read this article with your full interest if you want to get some great piece of knowledge.   

  • Spinning top from Inception movie
  • Hoverboard from Back to the Future
  • Lightsaber from Star Wars Franchise
  • One Ring from Lord of the Rings
  • The Plastic Bag from American Beauty

Spinning top from Inception movie:

Spinning Top

The controversial ending of the Inception movie with a new iconic movie prop resulted in more discussion. The main story is about the personal totem that can tell quickly that a person is experiencing a dream, or he/she is living in reality. Cobb, the central role of Inception, also wanted to check the truth behind this matter. Therefore, he started to spin the top. If the top spun indefinitely, then he might be stuck in someone’s dream. But if it gets toppled, he will be present in the real world. When he started to spin the top, the screen went to black color, and people couldn’t get the outcome. It created a lot of confusion in the fan’s mind.

Scott Maginnis was the designer of all props used in the Inception movie. Although there were numerous props used in the film, no one could beat the class of Cobb’s spinning top. Because of its story, it became the most popular and iconic prop, but it was also a source of great debate, and frustration for diehard fans who were expecting a clear-cut outcome at the end.

Hoverboard from Back to the Future:

The filmmakers didn’t finalize the idea of Hoverboard until the start of “Back to the Future”. However, it gained popularity when filmmakers introduced it. Marty McFly rode it when he tried to escape from the enemies like Griff Tannen and his deadly gang. He also used his hoverboard in part 3 of Back to the Past movie.

The main thing about the hoverboards was “Controlling Power”. The director of the movie also talked in an interview that “Hoverboards used in the movie were real, but they weren’t promoted in a great way because parents worry feelings over how safe the hoverboards were.” Robert Zemeckis’s interview went bad, and people started to scour the toy shops.

Due to this, Zemeckis presented himself in a meeting again to explain his thoughts about the hoverboards used in the movie. There were many other props in “Back to the Past II”, but the hoverboards stood at number one position. They were unique, catchy, funny, easy to ride, and astonishing in design.

Lightsaber from Star Wars Franchise:


The lightsaber is one of the signature weapons of The Sith and Jedi Order. It is also considered as the iconic weapon in Sci-Fi movie industry. It appeared first in the 1977’s Star Wars: A New Hope movie, and from then to now, it is a must-have part of every Star Wars Film. According to producers of this movie, the concept of lightsaber appeared in the early drafts of Star War by the George Lucas in which they called lightsaber as “Lazerswords”.

The producers of the movie tried hard to make the lightsabers according to their imaginations. They used rotoscoping technology in the official film and added digital effects in the sequel and prequel of the film. When it comes to the sound, then it was quite amazing and according to the desires of producers.

Ben Burtt left no stones unturned to fulfill the wishes of directors and producers. Due to the fantastic sound and astonishing designs, the lightsabers became very popular in the market. It is still the best movie prop. Numerous swords are coming in the market by idealizing the concept of a lightsaber. It is also on the list of 5 Best Movie Props.

One Ring from LOTR is also present in 5 Movie Props of all time:

Lord of the Rings

The One Ring from Lord of the Rings carries much importance in the film industry. You can say, the whole LOTR series is revolved around one ring. Enemies tried hard to get it to become stronger and powerful than that of main heroes.

The design of the “One Ring” was so elegant that the designer, Grant Major said, “After looking at the one ring for the very first time, I thought that the producers would never replace it in the whole series of LOTR after the Fellowship of the Rings. It happened exactly as I was thinking.” Due to the remarkable design and incredible powers (in the series), it is one of the best movie props currently in the world. Millions of people are fans of One Ring. You can get these rings from the market due to their huge demand. Click here, if you want to read the similarities between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

The Plastic Bag from American Beauty:

Plastic Bag American Movie

No one can even imagine that a small plastic bag can become one of the best movie props in history. But this happened in the American Beauty movie. Two characters in the film, Ricky and Jane, were sitting in the room of Rickey.

Suddenly Rickey said, “This is one of the most iconic scenes in the movies that I have ever filmed in my life” At that time, the wind was blowing, and a plastic bag came just at the corner of the wall. Rickey was telling Jake about the beautiful scene when the plastic bag arrived near to the wall. This created a beautiful view and got fame from the movie industry. Due to this, it is from the list of 5 Best Movie Props.